Medical Clinics are Nailing it with Technology

By Kinya Kaunjuga

Patients in slums, informal settlements and remote villages are flocking to clinics that use BandaGo. The clinics are owned and run by clinical officers and nurses bent on fixing access to good healthcare in those communities.

Without much else besides their grit, they’ve saved up, bought a computer and purchased internet access then logged into BandaGo determined to use digital technology like never before.

A medical clinic with BandaGo on their computer.

In the past few months, we’ve acquired two new partnerships which join us in empowering healthcare heroes using our technology solution in their clinics, to avail the best treatment to their patients.

The first partner, LifeNet International, has teamed up with Banda Health to train clinics that use BandaGo in their business operations and clinical management.

The second partner is Mission for Essential Drugs & Supplies (MEDS) which is now supplying BandaGo client clinics with bona fide medical drugs and supplies at best-in-market prices, keeping their supply costs down and eliminating the risk of counterfeit drugs at the same time.

As soon as LifeNet began training a BandaGo client clinic in best business and clinical practices, the clinic’s use of BandaGo to track their patient visits, income, expense, and inventory increased from 25% to 100%!

We hope the video at the end of this newsletter will inspire and excite you about the impact our partnerships are already making!

Little Genius Update

In the story One Way to Inject Hope we told you about a heroin addict who decided to quit to save her unborn child. She persevered through painful withdrawals for close to a month.

On a cold July night in her house, she gave birth on the floor where she and her neighbor had spread paper. They used a razor blade to cut the umbilical cord and a rope to tie it. She visited a medical clinic the following morning and the baby boy was declared in perfect health. He is pictured below at 4 weeks old during a visit with the Black Belt Nurse.

Little genius his sweatshirt proclaims!

In the video below, Diana, a clinical officer and owner of a clinic, describes the impact of getting technology to manage her business and clinical operations.

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya brings passion, an infectious laugh and 15 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit world to Banda Health. A Texas A&M alumni with a degree in Journalism and Economics, she says, "I love doing things that matter!"