Banda Health designs and deploys solutions at all levels of healthcare.

Banda Go

Banda Go is an innovative IT solution for health clinics serving patients in the world’s most under-resourced communities.  


Business features empower clinics to make the most of their available resources:

  • Quickly monitor stock levels.
  • Easily order and receive medicines and supplies.
  • Track which patients were seen, who paid, who didn’t pay.
  • Clearly see their cash flow.

Try the Demo:

  • Username: banda
  • Password: 1John4:3


Banda Health will soon add clinic-level electronic medical records (EMR) to help clinicians provide good healthcare in their communities and also contribute to improving health outcomes across entire health systems:

  • Seeing a patient’s progress at a glance.
  • Streamlining follow-up and referrals.
  • Participating in national health programs (e.g. Immunizations, TB, Diabetes, HIV).
  • Automating monthly government reporting (diagnoses, services).

Artificial Intelligence

Banda Health is in discussions with a partner to integrate AI-assisted diagnostics with the clinic-level EMR.

An EMR with artificial intelligence significantly raises the diagnostic capacity of health workers serving in communities where there are no physicians.


Banda Specialty database tools enable healthcare teams in teaching hospitals in Africa to track and manage patients during and after care. 

These tools improve healthcare quality both now and later. In the short term, they facilitate improved coordination of care within and between health teams.

 In the long term, they drive continuous cost-effective improvement in patient outcomes through real-time collection of high quality healthcare data.

Inpatient Medicine App

Improves healthcare delivery by enabling inpatient medicine teams to:

  • Coordinate patient care between team members.
  • Collect quality, real-time audit data.

Currently in use at AIC Kijabe Hospital.

Pediatric Surgery Database

Improves patient care by enabling pediatric surgery teams to:

  • Track patient outcomes before, during and after surgery.
  • Define the relationship between costs and outcomes.
  • Document competencies in surgical training programmes.

Currently in use at BethanyKids at AIC Kijabe Hospital.

Proof of Concept

Working with limited resources, the Banda Health team developed cashier and inventory modules for the OpenMRS platform, piloting it in a clinic and a small hospital.  These facilities realized significant improvements in their patient care, decreasing patient wait times by 50%, and virtually eliminating medication stock-outs while simultaneously reducing inventory costs by 40%. Want to learn more? Check out our demo and installation page.