BandaGo for Clinics

Take control of your finances.

Save money. BandaGo helps you to see your costs and then control them. BandaGo automatically tracks medicine sales over time, and calculates demand for you so that you can buy large quantities at wholesale prices – to save you 50% or more in medicine costs.

Save time. Automated reports sent straight to your smartphone.  

Get help when you need it. We’re here to help you succeed. BandaGo is designed and supported by a team of healthcare professionals and computer programmers right here in Nairobi.

Become a BandaGo client

As an early adopter of the BandaGo tool, you will be able to: 

  1. Quickly monitor your stock levels
  2. Easily  order and receive your medicines and supplies
  3. Track which patients were seen, who paid, who didn’t pay
  4. See your cash flow

Site requirements

Do you want to start using BandaGo?  We are looking to win new clients as we continue to improve and expand BandaGo. If you meet the following criteria, please contact us:

  1. Clinic staff size 1-15 persons
  2. Desktop or laptop
  3. Internet access
  4. Location – Kenya.

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Answers to common questions

Banda Health raises funding to support the ongoing development and deployment of the robust BandaGo solution. Client clinics pay only an annual subscription fee to help cover some of the expenses of maintaining the system securely online. We offer the following pre-payment options:

Annual:  KSh 10,000/= for 12 months

Quarterly:  KSh 2750/= for 3 months

Monthly:  1000/= for one month

Payment can be made via mPesa.

Yes. This is a great question.  We take data security seriously, and get advice from a US-based data security expert to be sure we do everything we can to keep your and your patient’s data secure.  Both our online and our backup databases are encrypted, and we utilize multiple approaches to keeping both the servers and the solutions protected from hackers. We ensure that the servers and applications are always kept up to date. Access to the servers is restricted and firewalls are in place to limit both incoming and outgoing traffic. We monitor continuously for any breaches to that security, and address them immediately in consultation with data security experts.  

To read the fine print, you can access our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. Thanks!