At Banda Health, we believe in a future where everyone has access to good healthcare.

Board of Directors

With over 130 years of experience in industries spanning the globe, our board thinks big and has the capacity to take Banda Health all the way.

Bill Mearse

retired COO, Accenture

Dr. Joshua Bogunjoko

International Director, SIM

Haron Wachira

CEO, Akili Group

Mike Clabaugh

Founder, VisionQuest Alliance (now Tenfold BPO)

Bob Gutekunst

VP SaaS Operations, BMC Software

David Laube

retired CIO, US West (now Centurylink)

Dr. Joel Robertson

Founder & CEO, Robertson Health

Amy Eamrungroj

Amy Eamrungroj

Head of Segments Excellence, Merck KGaA

Dr. Steve Letchford

Founder & President, Banda Health


Dr. Steve Letchford

Co-Founder & President
Steve is the visionary behind Banda Health. After two decades working as a doctor and hospital administrator in Africa, he has stories that will convince even the biggest skeptic of the impact that IT can have on African healthcare.

Steve's personal healthcare hero is Irene Mundia, a licensed practical nurse at Mushima Rural Health Centre in Zambia.​

Wes Brown

Co-Founder, Software Architect & Development Manager
Wes oversees all things technical. If you want a sneak peek at the roadmap, he's your man! With 15 years of programming experience in the US private sector plus 5 years of technical consulting and team leadership, he definitely knows what he's doing.

Wes' personal healthcare heroes are the Christian medical missionaries working around the world.

Andrew Moko

Senior Developer
Andrew makes sure the Nairobi team stays on track. He may seem quiet, but don't underestimate his passion and expertise when it comes to health technology. He's worked with leading businesses both in Kenya and internationally.

Andrew's personal healthcare hero is Benedetta, a cashier at AIC Marira Clinic in Kenya.​

Jeremy Ogembo

Implementation Specialist
Jeremy is our on-the-ground man, making sure the pilot sites have what they need to use our software. He previously worked as a systems analyst and team lead after getting his bachelor's degree in computer science at Africa Nazarene University.

Jeremy's personal healthcare hero is Isabella Muturi, a nurse at AIC Marira Clinic in Kenya.​

Kelly Muhindi

Kelly brings 6 years of experience as a system administrator managing server infrastructures and PC operations across multiple platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows). He has a bachelor’s degree in IT from KCA University and a diploma degree in IT from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Kelly's personal healthcare hero is Lydia Madaga, a former community health worker at PSI-Kenya.

Michael Maina

Implementation Specialist
Michael works closely with Jeremy, helping clinics get started with Banda Go. He joined Banda Health after gaining initial work experience in IT support and data management. He graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology with a bachelors in mathematics and computer science.

Thomas Letchford

Fundraising Coordinator
Thomas spends most of his time thinking about money - specifically, how he can get more of it to fund the work at Banda Health. He loves discussing big ideas, especially when they relate to good, affordable healthcare for everyone. In addition to fundraising, he helps push the envelope of BH strategy. Thomas received his bachelor's in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University.

Thomas' personal healthcare hero is James Wanjiru, a nurse at Kijabe Hospital in central Kenya.​
Jessica Gierlichs

Jessica Gierlichs

Operations Manager
Jessica keeps the team organized. Whether it's filing tax forms or preparing board reports, she makes sure it gets done on time! Before joining Banda Health, Jessica used her organization skills at a soccer start-up in Germany.

Jessica's personal healthcare hero is Jairos Fumpa, a cataract surgeon at Mukinge Mission Hospital in Zambia.

Kevin Burnett

Kevin is undoubtedly our most outgoing developer! He spent the past 5 years in software consulting, working as a developer and manager at Pariveda Solutions after getting his bachelor's in aerospace enginnering at the University of Texas.

Kevin's personal healthcare hero is Kate F., a physical therapist at Evangel VVF Center in Jos, Nigeria.

Jonathan Larson

Software Architect & Business Developer
Jonathan provides the team with invaluable technical and business consultation. He draws on a wealth of experience from co-founding a group of companies focused on health risk management, communications and medical logistics technologies.

Dr. Bruce Dahlman

Clinical Consultant
Bruce provides Banda Health with much-needed support as a clinical consultant based in Kabarak, Kenya, where he heads the Department of Family Medicine and Community Care. He's also the director of the Digital African Health Library project and development director for Institute of Family Medicine in Nairobi.

Bruce's personal healthcare hero is Dr. Peter Okaalet, the spiritual coordinator at Kabarak University in Kenya.

Nelly Kebeney

Clinical Consultant
Nelly is our "concepts expert." She ensures that all the necessary terms for our clinical modules are mapped and submitted to CIEL (concept dictionary). She's a clinical epidemiologist with a master's degree in epidemiology and disease control.

Nelly's personal healthcare hero is Dr. Steve Letchford at Kijabe Hospital.​

Banda Health at a glance

Banda health started as the SIM OpenHMIS
(health management information system)
Project in 2012 with a group of volunteers.

Our team of programmers work out of Nairobi, Kenya

We officially became a US 
501(c)(3) non-profit in 2016

Why "Banda Health"? Because bandas - Swahili for makeshift shelters - are where life happens in communities that don't have access to good healthcare.


Health IT has huge potential to enable good healthcare in the midst of poverty, and the need is urgent. Banda Health’s “big picture” dream is to develop and implement comprehensive IT systems for hospitals and clinics that are both affordable and extremely robust.

For now our main focus is on the business software needed by small clinics at the frontlines of healthcare in some of the toughest situations, so they can provide good healthcare out of scarcity.