At Banda Health, we believe in a future where everyone has access to good healthcare.

Board of Directors

With over 130 years of experience in industries spanning the globe, our board thinks big and has the capacity to take Banda Health all the way.

Bill Mearse

retired COO, Accenture

Haron Wachira

CEO, Akili Group

Amy Eamrungroj

Amy Sing

Head of Segments Excellence, Merck KGaA

Bob Gutekunst

VP SaaS Operations, BMC Software

Mike Clabaugh

Founder, VisionQuest Alliance (now Tenfold BPO)

Dr. Hyon Kim

Global Director of People Development, SIM

David Laube

Retired CIO, US West (now Centurylink)

Dr. Steve Letchford

Co-Founder & President, Banda Health


Lawrence Owino


Michael Maina

Business & Product Development

David Miner

Lead, Client Engagement

Andrew Moko

Lead Developer

Kevin Burnett


Jeremy Ogembo

Systems Administrator

Kevin Chemjor

Data Analyst

Julie Vigil

Operations Support

Jessica Gierlichs

Jessica Gierlichs

Operations Manager

Kinya Kaunjuga

Development Manager

Nelly Saina, RCO, MPH

Clinical Consultant

Wes Brown

Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Steve Letchford

Co-Founder & President

Banda Health at a glance

Banda health started as the SIM OpenHMIS
(health management information system)
Project in 2012 with a group of volunteers.

Our team of programmers work out of Nairobi, Kenya

We officially became a US 
501(c)(3) non-profit in 2016

Why "Banda Health"? Because bandas - Swahili for makeshift shelters - are where life happens in communities that don't have access to good healthcare.

BH Team

Health IT has huge potential to enable good healthcare in the midst of poverty, and the need is urgent. Banda Health’s “big picture” dream is to develop and implement comprehensive IT systems for  clinics and health centers that are both affordable and extremely robust.

For now our main focus is on the business software needed by small clinics at the frontlines of healthcare in some of the toughest situations, so they can provide good healthcare out of scarcity.