By Kinya Kaunjuga

To help warm patients as they give birth, Diana has covered iron sheet walls with thick paper.

“I feel the need to push,” the woman said. She was still sitting on the chair in the consultation room and I had just recorded a 6 centimeter dilation so how could it be?

As I examined her, I saw little feet. Breech twins! It was an hour and a half to midnight. We didn’t own an ambulance and the patient wouldn’t let us go in search of a car. It was going to be a long night.

The outdoor shed used to boil water and cook food for patients at Space Care.

When Diana discovered two heartbeats earlier, she had immediately told the patient they would need to get her to the public hospital in the capital city.

In measured breaths but with a steady voice, the patient said, “No. I have heard stories about you. I am in your hands. You will assist me to give birth here!”

Since this was not their first heated discussion about this, Diana and her nurse locked gazes, and in a few seconds the nurse dashed out of the room to get the bed they rotated among deliveries and to boil water.

"I want to give love and quality healthcare. I want to save lives," says Diana Ayabei (second left) a Registered Clinical Officer and the owner of Space Care pictured here with her staff.

Concrete stones and steel rods in the unfinished building don’t deter patients from seeking Diana and her team’s care. Despite having to move her clinic, the residents from one slum have followed her to another distant slum for their medical care.

The twins came in perfectly weighing 4lbs 10oz and 4lbs 14oz. The exhausted but delighted mother remarked, “Daktari (doctor), I have two boys already and I asked God to give me girls. I needed these two girls!” 

The family was discharged the next day and today they are Space Care’s biggest ambassadors.

Diana's consultation room where she uses BandaGo on her computer.

Diana and her team use BandaGo to manage their clinical and business operations. She enthusiastically explains, “It has made our work very easy. It has reduced wastage in terms of drugs lost and reduced our workload because it’s paperless. Being the only clinic around this entire place means we had to look up paper records from over a year old. BandaGo worked so perfectly. When Banda came, God came.” 

Diana named her clinic Space Care Health Services because she has worked in the slum for many years and is determined to fix the huge gaps (spaces) in provision of good quality healthcare to those who live there. 

$5000 helps us improve BandaGo and get it into another clinic

Thank you for giving to Banda Health. Your donations make it possible to consistently improve our technology solutions which frontline medical clinics like Space Care are using.
We couldn’t do it without you. 

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya brings passion, an infectious laugh and 15 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit world to Banda Health. A Texas A&M alumni with a degree in Journalism and Economics, she says, "I love doing things that matter!"