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By Kinya Kaunjuga

The ambulance that takes expectant women and mothers and children under the age of five who live in Podor District, Senegal to the nearest medical clinic. This ensures they get maternity services and immunizations without fail. Photo courtesy ©Tdh/Christian Brun.

An unequivocal determination to alleviate the suffering of humans seems to be an underlying characteristic found in each of the people who open a medical clinic in some of the poorest places in the world.

A clinic that uses BandaGo located in Imara Daima in Nairobi, Kenya.

By opening little clinics in some of the toughest places to live, clinical officers, nurses and pharmacists are using their ability to help individuals who cannot afford medical treatment in large hospitals.

In spite of operating on meager resources because their patients have low-incomes, some clinics are ingeniously surviving.

A month turns into three and then into a year and now we’re even seeing these little clinics scaling into a second location!

This means they have worked tirelessly on the difficult balance of providing healthcare services to the poor and low-income earners while running their small clinic business with the least amount of resources, staying open year after year, and growing into reliable neighborhood treatment facilities that are just around the corner for residents.

A medical clinic that uses BandaGo in Githurai, Kenya. Can you spot all the services they offer? Find the correct answer at the end of the article! Hint: "Daktari wa meno" is Swahili for "Doctor of Teeth" and "MIWANI" means Spectacles.

Banda Health identifies the capacity of little clinics to remove barriers to access good healthcare for the poor and we help such clinics fine tune their survival tactics through building technology that streamlines their business and clinical processes and ultimately the level of healthcare they administer.

Inside some of the Little Clinics that use BandaGo

A few of the clinical officers and nurses who own and run little clinics enjoy making them look bright, colorful and spotless, juxtaposed against the hardships of the neighborhoods they are in.

Below are photos of some receptions and doorways of clinics that use BandaGo and we would love to know which one you think is the most visionary for a little clinic!

A piece of gypsum ceiling, a few LED lights, flowing white net curtains, checked tiling and utlramarine blue seats with chrome finish. It's hard to beat the Wellstar clinic's decked out reception. They use BandaGo in Utalawa, Kenya.
Another clinic that uses BandaGo has created their reception with a section of wall moulding, gypsum ceiling, uniform white floor tiles, a grand laminate front desk counter top, chrome backed seats and splashes of fuscia including in their tea and coffee station! They are in Embakasi, Kenya.
In Githurai 45 in Kiambu, Kenya, a neon blue satin curtain draped with gentle folds ending in a wide hem distinguishes the entrance to this little medical clinic that uses BandaGo, inviting someone to curiously approach it and ignore any concrete drab!
Using Mazeras stone wallpaper, minimalist straight back chairs, a few sunken lights and a clear glass door from floor to ceiling, when you walk into their reception cooled by off-white ceramic floor tiles, you'd never guess this BandaGo user clinic is in one of the hottest places in Kenya - Machakos.

To see them make it over the hill, just makes us feel like we can do anything!

Thanks to you:

In the last four weeks, clinics using BandaGo recorded 22,890 Patient Visits.

Right now it costs us $1 Per Patient Visit to equip clinics with BandaGo clinic management system – helping them efficiently systematize everything from the moment a patient arrives at their reception until they check out.

Using BandaGo in these low-resource clinics means they no longer worry about cash or drugs being stolen or medical records getting lost. There is no more wondering, “What did I do with this patient the last time?” They can find all their clinic’s data with just a few clicks.

The net result is that these little clinics which are a lifeline to so many, can have more time, more money and more information to use to take better care of patients. 

Spot the medical services...

Besides primary medical care, the little clinic in the third photo (St. Mary Health Services) offers optical, dental and ultrasound services all on one floor above the bookshop and auto spare parts shop which one can peruse while waiting.

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya brings passion, an infectious laugh and 15 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit world to Banda Health. A Texas A&M alumni with a degree in Journalism and Economics, she says, "I love doing things that matter!"