"Even though these interlopers consumed our time meant for our regular patients, we stood strong."

Kinya Kaunjuga

Picture grand seafaring maidens, crafted to brave the relentless surges of high tides. They sail fearlessly through the deepest waters, riding daunting waves with unyielding might. And just like such formidable vessels – medical clinics adorned with the prowess of BandaGo stand tall amidst the crushing waves of adversity – despite their small size and makeshift composition.

Their voyages echo the visions and dreams of the clinic owners, undeterred by the tempestuous poverty that surrounds them. They forge ahead, navigating through uncharted waters of desperation akin to dark storms, yet never succumbing to the challenges they face.

Recently, in some of the places where BandaGo-equipped clinics exist in Nairobi, Kenya, waves of chaos and turmoil surged with violent protests and demonstrations. For their protection, the names of those specific clinics have been left out of this article.

When the protestors and demonstrators found themselves injured, they flocked to these resilient clinics, demanding free care. Forced by circumstances to attend to these agitators, the clinic owners and staff selflessly treated them, knowing that to refuse would bring destruction upon their haven.

With BandaGo serving as a clinic management system, like a sturdy ship they navigated through the unpredictable tides of unprecedented “patients” flooding in. Their well-maintained inventory of medical drugs and supplies handled the surge, leaving no genuine patients stranded.

One brave clinic owner shared their experience, acknowledging the challenge of treating the unruly visitors while maintaining care for their regular patients. Yet, with BandaGo having replaced antiquated paper systems, their survival, sustainability and success was secured, and their ship sailed forward undeterred.

In the face of the rocks hurled during demonstrations, their gratitude lay in the technology solution’s protection. For it is this modern marvel that enables their triumph over adversity, steering them towards a future where the storms may rage, but they will continue to thrive, never to be tethered again by the constraints of paper, theft and medical inventory stockouts, but instead, sailing victoriously with Banda’s robust technology solution as their guiding star.

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Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya brings passion, an infectious laugh and 15 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit world to Banda Health. A Texas A&M alumni with a degree in Journalism and Economics, she says, "I love doing things that matter!"