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By Kinya Kaunjuga

Banda Health brainstorming with a clinic healthcare team

If you could save lives by giving frontline medical clinics more time to treat more patients, how would you do it? Banda Health asks the healthcare teams who run those clinics.

Clinics that use BandaGo today, drive tomorrow’s features

For instance, recently clinics told us that it takes them an entire day or two to complete just one government monthly report, the MOH 705.

Digging through their large paper registers, categorizing, counting and recording the diagnoses can take up to 16 hours or more each month.

They understand how important the Ministry of Health (MOH) reports are for making evidence-based national health policies but the manual reporting process consumes precious time that can be used to care for patients.

Was there something we could do to speed up that process?

A clinic stops every other function to complete health reports on paper

It’s taken Banda two steps to help them solve this challenge.

First, in August our programmers released an upgrade to our system (BandaGo) which makes it easy for clinics to record best practice ‘coded diagnoses’ at every patient visit. So clinics can type common informal spellings of a diagnosis and BandaGo helps them pick the formally recognized right diagnosis code instantly.

Second, our data scientist has created an electronic version of the government report, using the coded diagnoses to automatically generate the MOH 705 on a clinic’s computer. The automated report, once released in BandaGo in the next few weeks, will reduce 16 hours of work to 6 minutes or less every month – depending on how fast the healthcare teams can click!

This clinic duo spends an entire Saturday every month to manually complete one health report!

Every $5000 helps us improve BandaGo and get it into another clinic!

Through improving BandaGo, technology is actively helping frontline medical clinics continue to provide good healthcare for those living in slums, informal settlements and remote villages. Thank you for being a part of this journey with us, we couldn’t do it without you!

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya Kaunjuga

Kinya brings passion, an infectious laugh and her 15 years of experience in the corporate and non-profit world to her role on Banda Health’s operations team.

A Texas A&M alumni with a degree in Journalism and Economics, she says, "I love doing things that matter!"