The view from here is pretty exhilarating

We are pretty excited about this map. It shows the next 20 clinics in sub-Saharan Africa that are about to transform the way they do healthcare. And how, you might ask, would they do that? With Banda Go – our business management solution.

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Banda Go powered clinics in the pipeline

How is the view from where you are now? For me here in Houston, it’s flat and industrial. For Andrew and the rest of our team at our office in Nairobi, it’s similarly urban and crowded, but with brighter colors and more lively streets. Steve has the best view from his porch overlooking the Rift Valley, and we try not to hold it against him.

The view that we are most excited about today is one we can all enjoy, from anywhere. Pause for a moment to look at this map with us. Stare and dream and hope for the future of healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa. The map shows what our pipeline looks like right now for Banda Go – the first twenty of our goal to reach thousands of clinics across the continent.

So far, four clinics in the Nairobi area have made the switch to our business management solution, Banda Go. With Banda Go automating inventory, cashier, accounting and reports, these clinics have stopped running out of medicine, cut out hours of paperwork, and no longer have to guess at the financial health of their business.
By keeping their businesses healthy, clinics using Banda Go do a better job at keeping their patients healthy.

This year, we are excited to see clinics transform into sustainable businesses known for reliable, quality healthcare. All it takes to use Banda Go is an internet connection and a laptop, so now it’s time to get hundreds of clinics on the path to better healthcare. 

Over the next few months we will be bringing you their stories.

Thanks for being a part of this with us!

All the best,
Thomas Letchford 

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