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BandaGo is a cloud-based digital solution that lets clinics get the most out of their available resources.

In low-resource settings, what keeps patients from getting good healthcare is obvious: There are not enough resources. 

By keeping medicines and supplies in stock at all times, patients receive the right treatment right away. Waste and theft are reduced so patient costs stay as low as possible.

We plan on putting BandaGo in 100 clinics by the end of 2023.        

That’s 2 million patients that will have access to good healthcare over 5 years, and we won’t stop there.

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Donate to make good healthcare possible in low-resource settings. Invest in the people dedicated to taking care of their patients in the toughest situations.

Newsletter – Recent Issues

The Slum Code of Conduct

We imagine a world where poor clinics treating even poorer patients can improve the efficiency of their operations and thus improve care for their patients.

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Heroes have bad days too

We were walking in mud carrying the commodities we had to use. 40 pound boxes of medications, a team of 11 people stuck on a $3000 medical sail mission; there was no turning back.

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