IT solutions designed for low-resource healthcare.

Banda Health is a nonprofit based in Nairobi, Kenya,  empowering healthcare providers in low-resource settings to deliver good healthcare. 

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In low-resource settings, what keeps patients from getting good healthcare is obvious: 

There are not enough resources.

Banda Go is an IT solution that helps small clinics get the most out of their available resources.​

Banda Go keeps medicines and supplies in stock at all times so that patients receive the right treatment right away. 

It also reduces waste and theft and keeps inventory costs at a minimum, so that patient costs stay as low as possible.

Costs stay down, healthy outcomes go up.

We plan on putting Banda Go in 500 clinics by the end of 2020.​

That’s something like 2 million patients that will have access to good healthcare. And we won’t stop there.

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