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Banda Health Newsletter - Past Issues

NYTimes, cheap drugs, antibiotic resistance and Banda Health

A few weeks ago, the New York Times published an article about the rise of drug-resistant bacteria in Kenya. Poor sanitation, cheap medication, unregulated prescription and unsafe antibiotic use have all contributed to the spread of bacterial infections that no longer respond to standard antibiotic treatment.

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Part II: “It’s boring without Banda”

In Part I, we met Stephen Muthama of Builders Health Clinic. We looked at some of the challenges he faces running a private clinic in Pipeline Embakasi, a neighborhood on the south side of Nairobi, Kenya. Today, we’ll look at the ways Muthama has been using Banda Go to improve his business and deliver good healthcare to his patients – including two novel ways that caught us off guard.

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It’s my phone

“Use what you have in your hands.” Earlier this month, one of Kijabe Hospital’s young doctors, Dr. Benard Lango, was speaking to a group of visiting academics and aid organizations from around the world. He was giving a live demonstration of the Banda iMed app – a cutting edge, research-quality patient care tool that the Banda team developed for Kijabe’s inpatient medical team.

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